Thursday, November 30, 2006

(CIJ )Basic Broadcasting (Radio) Training Kachin ni sharin hkam la.

The Centre for Independent Journalism, Malaysia, U hpung ni kaw nnaMalaysia Kachin Group ni hpe Radio nsen shapoi hpa ji hte Journalismhpaji ni hpe ten kadun hku nna sharin hpawng galaw ya ai dai ni awngdang ai hku ngut sai.

KDO malaysia Rung ginra kaw Marai 10 sharin hkam la lu saihku re.sharin hpawng hte ra ang ai arung arai lusha jarik ni yawng C.I.J kawna ni Karum madi shadaw ai hku re,Matut nna Training lung ngut sai ni hpe CIJ de matut mahkai magambung li ni galaw sa wa na lam saw shaga nga ai hku re.CIJ a sharin ya ai lamang ni gaw lawu na hte maren re:
Basic Broadcasting (Radio) Training
Course Objectives
*To create awareness of radio as an effective media forcommunications
*To equip participants with the expertise required to plan, designand produce programmes for radio *To provide participants with thebasic skills to set up a studio, use the equipments and broadcasttheir programmes Course Methodology CIJ’s Basic Broadcasting (Radio) Course is presented through a mixof interactive and participatory methods, which include inputs,presentations, group discussions, models and samples, and practicalhands-on excercises.

Understand the radio medium and it’s role in the communityEnhance your verbal communications skills and utilise it to bringyour messages effectively to your audience Increase your capacity tocommunicate more effectively by using radio broadcasting Produceattractive and effective
programmes that have impact
*Create a new Pro Tools Session,
*Recording new audio,Importing Audio,
*Preparing to edit and creating new tracks,
*Working in the edit window,Basic Mixing,
*Bouncing to Disk,
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