Monday, December 28, 2009

Kachin Manau at fraser hill malaysia

2009 ning gaw laklai nshung sama hkam sha lu ai Hkrismas poi ngu mai tsun ai,Bum ntsa katsi pyaw a sha de lung nna Hkrismas manau hpe wu wu didi grai pyaw hkra galaw la lu sai lam chye lu ai,Buga na sara kaba hte hting bu mungdan na Manam jing hku ni hte grai pyaw sai lam na chye lu ai.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Myen hpyenla ni Lahpai Naw seng hpe galun sat kau

Yawn Hkyen Shiga: (Lahpai Naw Seng Asak 28 ning)

Mabyin: Nawng Mi buga Hkalup hpung Nawku jawng e 2009 ning December
shata 19 ya shani Sunday School jawng ma ni a Hkrismat ka hkrang
mahkawn mangoi ni jawm galaw ma ai. Dai shana tsa nang ai Myen Hpyen
la KH. L. Y. 37 kaw na Tat kyat Kyaw Myint the manang lahkawng sa
shalau ma ai. Dai shaloi Ramma Lama Brang gaw 'e dai hku n di ga' nga
nna atsawm sha tsun hparan ai hpe sinda magra nna share wa ai.

1. Hkau na galaw nna wa ai Nding Lapyi mung makau e sha yu tsap nga ai
wa hpe bai nhkyi the galun dat ai gaw pai maga n-gup jut e galun hkra
ai. Magyi kaw mung katset hkra ai rai nna sak se nga sai.

2. Dai hpang Lama Brang a kanau Lama Naw Seng hpe hpe magyi kaw tsawm
ra sung ai hku galun hkra kau nu ai.

3. Makau e tsap nga ai Lahpai Naw Seng hpe bai galun dat ai gaw sinda
kaw sung sung hkra kau ai majaw shana 8:45 PM hta Lahpai Naw Seng nnga
mat sai. Dai amu hpe ya yang jep nga ai. Ndai zawn byin ai amu gaw
buga shagu shalau nga ai hpe chye lu ai. Nawku jawng shingdu e byin ai
majaw kadai mung atsawm n chye kau dat ai. Pyada dap Yekin de shana
ai, Kamaing de shana ai. Hpakant township na ni bai sa wa nna jep
sagawn ma ai.

20th Dec. hta Danai na Ningtau Dap up Bo Hmu chuk Aung Kyaw Htun lung
wa nna ramma shada pyaw shalai nna byin ai lam re nga nna Gumhpraw sen
mi wa jaw da ai. Galun hkrum ai wa hpe Kyats Mun masum jaw dat ai.
Ndai lam hpe lahta de tang na hkyen ai. Hpa mi rai tim, ya ten e poi
lamang shara shagu dai hku shalau nga ai lam gaw grai nhtuk nga ai.
Shiga ginlen ya rit.

Bumwa kawng.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Suu Kyi seeks meeting with Myanmar junta leader

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Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Suu Kyi seeks meeting with Myanmar junta leader, 16 November 2009, available at: [accessed 22 November 2009]

Friday, May 8, 2009

KRC hpaji wunkat jawng na atsam marai rawng ai ma kaji ni

Myanmar children write book to help their countrymen


WE CAN send water to Myanmar through a very long pipe!” a Myanmar boy living in Malaysia suggested when he heard that his home country was devastated by Cyclone Nargis.

Despite their difficult circumstances, his classmates at the refugee school agreed enthusiastically, and immediately pledged to write letters of encouragement, save 10 sen every day and pray for the victims.

In the end, the group of about 60 Kachin children decided to raise funds through their very own book, titled My Beautiful Myanmar, that reflected their experiences.

Reaching out: `My Beautiful Myanmar’ comprises touching stories and drawings by Myanmar children in Malaysia who want to help Cyclone Nargis victims. The books are available at Borders outlets.

The refugee children worked tirelessly over the next two weeks to tell of their dreams and hopes through stories and drawings. They related the tumultuous experiences of their families, and painted pictures of the country they wished to see when they eventually returned home.

The project has so far raised RM25,000, which was presented to World Vision on Tuesday last week at the Jungle Gym and Roller Sports World in Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur.

The children were treated to games and entertainment at the centre. Project coordinator and volunteer teacher Belle Luer, Miss Malaysia/World and World Vision ambassador Deborah Henry as well as World Vision Malaysia chief executive officer Liew Tong Ngan were on hand to celebrate the achievement with the children.

We did it!: The Myanmar children proudly showing off their book `My Beautiful Myanmar’, produced to raise funds for Cyclone Nargis survivors in Myanmar.

“We are deeply touched by this generous donation. It is quite extraordinary to see young children like these coming together to help their own people. I think this is the first time World Vision has received such a large contribution from an underprivileged group,” Liew said.

The donation was made in conjunction with the first anniversary of Cyclone Nargis that claimed almost 150,000 lives, and will be used for World Vision’s rebuilding efforts and Temporary Shelter Project in the poverty-stricken country.

Luer said the books were initially sold through volunteers until Borders Bookstore offered to distribute them.

“We’re hoping to raise RM100,000 and have promised the children a beach trip if we meet our target,” she said.

The book is available at Borders outlets at The Curve in Petaling Jaya, The Gardens and Berjaya Times Square in Kuala Lumpur, and Queensbay Mall in Penang. For details on the book and refugee school, write to

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Malesha na tsin yam ni yak nga

google news

World Briefing | Asia Malaysia: Premier to Investigate Human ...

New York Times - ‎8 hours ago‎
By AP The prime minister promised Friday to investigate a report by American lawmakers saying that thousands of Myanmar refugees were handed over to ...

Malaysia vows action on Myanmar human trafficking

The Associated Press - ‎12 hours ago‎
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Malaysia's prime minister vowed to investigate a scathing report by US lawmakers saying thousands of Myanmar refugees were ...

Burmese refugees 'sold at brothel'

Financial Times - ‎Apr 23, 2009‎
By Demetri Sevastopulo in Washington A US senator has accused Malaysian officials of complicity in the trafficking of Burmese refugees who have been sold ...

Malaysia To Probe Abuse Claims

自由亞洲電臺 - ‎17 hours ago‎
A new report prompts Malaysia to investigate persistent allegations that Burmese migrants have suffered gravely, while traffickers act with impunity. ...

Burmese migrants remain trapped in Malacca without jobs - ‎20 hours ago‎
by Mizzima News New Delhi (Mizzima) – After their agent left them without work in a factory and without any proper legal papers, at least 60 Burmese ...

US Senate 'Trafficking of Burmese Migrants' Report

Malaysia Today - ‎Apr 23, 2009‎
By Member of Parliament Klang Charles Santiago Richard Lugar the US Ranking Minority Member in a report entitled ‘Trafficking and Extortion of Burmese ...

MALAYSIA: Burmese Refugees "Treated Like a Commodity"

Inter Press Service - ‎Apr 23, 2009‎
By Marina Litvinsky WASHINGTON, Apr 23 (IPS) - The mistreatment of Burmese migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in Malaysia is the focus of a report ...

Over 200 Burmese arrested in Malaysia - ‎Apr 23, 2009‎
by Salai Pi Pi New Delhi (Mizzima) – In a fresh crackdown on migrants, Malaysian authorities arrested at least 200 Burmese nationals on Wednesday, ...

Malay officials accused over human trafficking

Malaysia Today - ‎Apr 22, 2009‎
“[Burmese women] are sold at a brothel if they look good,” recounted one refugee. “If they are not beautiful, they [the traffickers] might sell them at a ...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Wunpawng tsin yam ni hpe, USA mungdan de' grau sha-ang ya nga

Malaysia kaw tsin yam lekmat lang da sai, Jinghpaw Wunpawng myu sha ni hpe, madu sa na, nambat masum mungdan de' UNHCR kawn sha-ang ya ai hta, USA mungdan de' grau law sha-ang ya wa ai lam chye lu ai. N-dai hta, maning hte' dai ning na laman, mungdan hkrat wa ai ni gaw, USA mungdan hkrat ai ni law malawng rai nga ai lam, KRC a jahpan hpe la kap n-na chye lu ai.

Malaysia kaw tsin yam shawk la n-na, nambat masum mungdan ni de' htawt sit nga mat sai, Jinghpaw Wunpawng myu sha ni gaw, 200-250 daram du wa sai lam chye lu ai. Rai tim, laga hpu nau ni hte shingdaw yu yang, grai naw n-law ai hpe mu lu ai. Ya yang, malaysia kaw tsin yam lekmat shawk la na matu, la ding da nga ai myu sha ni mung, lani hte' lani grau law wa ai hpe mu lu ai. 2009 ning KRC a jahpan hta, tsin yam lekmat lu da sai ni hte' n-lu da shi ai ni yawng gum hpawn dat yang, 3000 daram du nga sai hpe mu lu ai.

Myen asuya a, n-tara uphkang zingzi zingzat roi rip sha ai a majaw, mungdan kata tam lu tam sha yak hkak wa ai majaw, Malaysia mungdan de' lani hte' lani du shang wa ai myu sha ni kaw na law malawng gaw, malaysia kaw bungli galaw let UNHCR tsin yam lekmat shawk la n-htawm, nambat masum ngu ai mungdan kaba ni de' htawt sit nga na matu yaw shada ai ni law ai hpe mu lu ai. Hkrit tsang ra ai malaysia kaw, myu sha ni a shani shagu na sak hkrung hkawm sa lam gaw, krung sinwa makau na lam kasha hta hkawm taw ai hte' bung la nga ai.

Ya yang e', mungkan sut masa hkrat sum ai dam hpe, malaysia du Jinghpaw Wunpawng myu sha ni mung hkrum sha nga sai hku re. Bungli shamat kau ai ni lani hte' lani grau law wa n-htawm, bungli n-nan bai tam la na mung grau yak hkak wa ai hpe mu lu ai. Rai tim, K.K hpe kam sham ai, anhte Jinghpaw Wunpawng myu sha ni hpe, Karai Wa gaw n-malap da na re ngu ai hpe kam let, Wunpawng gam maga tsawm htap wa hkra, anhte ni yawng, n-gun atsam dat let shakut shaja ra nga ga ai.

Friday, February 13, 2009

ABC (American Baptist Churches, USA) kaw na, magam gun ni hpe shana shat hte' hkap tau la

ABC(American Baptist Churches, USA) kaw na Hpung magam gun ni hku n-na, malaysia tsim yam masa hte' seng n-htawm, chye mayu ma ai majaw, malaysia nga myen mung myu baw sang shagu hpe woi awn nga ai, tsim yam uhpung uhpawng ni hte' shana shat sha let, hkrum shaga lai wa masai.

Dai hta, February 13 ya, shana hkying sanit(7) daram hta, KRC(Kachin Refugee Committee) hte' CRC(Chin Refugee Committee) kaw na, ningbaw ningla ni hte ABC kaw na magam gun ni shana shat rau sha let hkrum shaga ai lam galaw lai wa sai hku re. Bai n-na, February 13 ya shani hta e' mung, UNHCR kaw na n-nan shatsam da hkrum sai, Malaysia UNHCR lit hkam Officer kaba hte' mung hkrum shaga lai wa sai lam chye lu ai.

KRC Ningbaw Sara Labang Naw Seng kawn, Manau Shadung a lachyum hpe sang lang dan nga yang

N-dai ABC kaw na ni gaw, Malaysia, Thailand kaw na USA mungdan de' du wa ai tsim yam n-kau(madung Hkang (sn) Chin hte Karen) ni hpe, garum shingtau(sponsor) galaw ya nga ai re lam chye lu ai. Dai hta, Jinghpaw gaw, hti dang daram sha naw re lam chye lu ai. Shanhte garum ai ni gaw, ma hkra ngu na daram Hkristan Hpung masha ni hkrai rai nga ai.

ABC, KRC, CRC magam gun ni

N-dai malaysia kaw na tsim yam masa hpe maram ngut ai hpang, Thailand kaw na, tsim yam ginsum(camp) de' bai sa n-na, dai kaw na tsim yam masa ni hpe mung wa sagawn maram yu na re lam chye lu ai.

Hpung dim a kyu hpyi nga yang

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

KRC magam gun ni a matu dai na de' na shana shat (dinner)

N-dai shata 19 ya shani, US mungdan de' htawt sit sa mat wa sana, Ah Be hku n-na, KRC magam gun ni hpe, shana' shat hte' n-dai zawn daw jaw daw ya lai wa sai hku re.

Ah Be(Tsap let palawng ahkyen hpun da ai wa) hte' KRC magam gun ni shana shat hpe hkam la nga yang

Ah Be (Tsap let palawng ahkyen hpun da ai wa) hte' KRC magam gun ni

Thursday, February 5, 2009

KRC kawn Mount Kiara(Malaysia) nga Jinghpaw Wunpawng Myu Sha ni hpe gawan gatsan(site visit) ai lam galaw

KRC magam gun ni hku n-na, dai hpawt daw, Mount Kiara(Malaysia) kaw nga ai Jinghpaw Wunpawng Myu Sha ni hte' sa hkrum shaga ai lam galaw la lu saga ai. N-dai lamang hta, KRC a 2009 ning galaw sa mat wa na masing ni hte' seng n-na Mount Kiara(Malaysia) nga Jinghpaw Wunpawng Myu Sha ni hpe, tsun sang lang dan ai lam galaw lai mat wa sai hku re.

Mu gun ningnan ni hpe ma shachyen ya let, 2009 ning tsim yam masa hte' seng n-na, KRC Ningbaw Sara Naw Seng kawn du sa ai myu sha yawng hpe, a san a lang tsun jahpra dan mat wa sai hku re. Bai n-na, KRC Malawm(member) ni hkan sa ra ai tara ni hpe mung, Ningtau Amu Madu rai nga ai, Sara Maji Brang Nan kaw n-na shawa hpe tsun sang lang dan lai wa sai hku re.

N-dai kalang na, Gawan Gatsan(Site Visit) galaw ai gaw 2009 ning hta magan gun na KRC magam gun ningnan ni kaw n-na, Myu Sha ni nga ai shara de', shawng ningnan gawan gatsan hkawm ai rai nga ai. Matut n-na mung, ngam nga ai shara ni de' gawan gatsan ai lam matut galaw hkawm sa mat wa na re lam chye lu ai.

Myu Sha ni hte' tsun bawng bang hkat nga yang

Mount Kiara kaw nga ai UNHCR Tsin Yam Masat Lekmat lu da sai Myu Sha n-kau mi a, UNHCR hte' seng ai mayak mahkak ni hpe KRC kawn, ka matsing mat wa n-htawm, Gawan Gatsan hkawm ai lamang ngut ai hte', n-dai mabyin ni hte' seng n-na, KRC kawn bawng bang jahkrup let UNHCR de' bai tang madun mat wa na re lam chye lu ai.

UNHCR mayak mahkak hte' seng n-na, ka matsing la nga yang

KRC Malawm ni a shata mi hta RM lap 10 KRC de' garum ai gumhpraw hte' sha, KRC Rung gaw madung kri nga ai re majaw, UNHCR Tsim Yak Masat Lekmat lu da sai ni mi rai rai, n-lu shi ai ni mi rai rai, KRC Rung kri nga lu na matu, shata mi RM lap shi(10) hpe a lu sha, sa bang na matu mung, KRC a ningtau amu madu Sara Maji Brang Nan hku n-na, du sa ai myit su ni hpang de' hpyi lajin wa sai re.

N-ta madu ni daw jaw daw ya ai, malu masha

Sumla: KRC

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2009 ning KRC mung shawa zuphpawng hte' mu gun ningnan lata hpawng hpe a ngwi a pyaw sha galaw la ngut

Sa du dung lawm ai salang ni

2009 ning, KRC a mung shawa zup hpawng hte' mu gun ningnan lata hpawng hpe, 26.1.2009 ya shani a ngwi a pyaw hte' sha galaw la ngut saga ai. N-dai lamang hta, sa du dung lawm ai shawa masha gaw (130) daram sa du shang lawm lai mat wa sai hku re. Lamang hpe daw langai hte' lahkawng garan n-htawm, daw langai lamang hta gaw, 2008 ning KRC gun hpai wa ai, magam bungli ni hte' seng n-na, du sa ai shawa masha ni hpe, tang madun ai lam galaw lai wa sai. Daw lahkawng hku n-na gaw, 2009 ning hta KRC kaw magam gun na, mu gun ningnan ni hpe bai lata jasan ai lam galaw lai wa sai hku re.

Mungdan Dawng Hkawn hpe hkungga jaw nga yang

N-dai hta, 2009 ning KRC a Ningbaw hku n-na Sara Labang Naw Seng hpe lata jasan da lu sai. Lata Hpung(nomination committee) ni, Ningbaw ngu n-na lata tawn ai Sara Labang Naw Seng hpe shawa masha yawng mung myit hkrum sai majaw shi hpe Ningbaw shara hta shatsam dat lu sai.

Ningbaw Malai, Amu Madu, Ningtau Amu Madu shara ni hta, mu gun na masha ni hpe, 'lata hpung' ni lata da ai masha ni, shawa de' shachyen dat ya ai shaloi gaw, shawa n-kau mi hte' 'lata hpung' ni a lapran ning mu loi shai hkat wa ai hpe mu lu ai. Dai majaw, 'lata hpung' ni hku n-na, shanhte lata da ai, masha ni hpe n-ra jang, gara masha hpe mahtang grau htap htuk manu na ngu ai hpe, tsun ya marit nga let, 'lata hpung' ni jahkrat da ai rip kawp manga a n-pu e', shawa hte' 'lata hpung' ni, ning mu htai lai hkat lai wa sai.

Ningmu htai lai hkat nga yang

N-dai hta, gum rawng gum sa(democracy) ladat hku n-na, shawa masha grau law hkap la ai masha hpe seng ang ai shara ni hta, shatsam wa ai shaloi gaw, mi na 'lata hpung' ni daw dan da sai hku sha mahtai pru wa ai majaw, lata da sai magan gun ningnan ni hpe, shi shara hte' shi shatsam da lu sai.

Zuphpawng hpe shana de' hkying manga daram hta a ngwi a pyaw sha shangut la lu sai lam shana dat ga ai.

Ningbaw: Sara Labang Naw Seng

Ningtau Ningbaw: Sara Aram

Amu Madu: Salang Roben

Ningtau Amu Madu: Maji Brang Nan

2009 ning hta KRC kaw mu gun ap-nawng na, KRC Ningbaw Ningla ni

Friday, January 23, 2009

Contact Us

Saw shaga dat ga ai.

KRC a shaning shagu galaw nga ai, 'Lata Poi'(Election) hpe, du wa na January shata 26 ya, shana de' daw 1:00pm kaw n-na 5:00pm du hkra, Chinese Assembly Hall kaw galaw mat wa na ga ai. 'Lata Hpung'(Nomination Committee) ni lata san da sai, 2009 ning laman mu gun na, mu gun ningnan ni hpe shawa masha ni hpang de' shachyen ya mat wa na re.

N-dai poi lamang hta sa du shang lawm na matu, myu sha yawng hpe hkungga let saw shaga dat ga ai.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rohingya ni, UNHCR rung shawng kaw, myit ra ai lam madun

Dai hpawt(21.1.2009) UNHCR rung shawng kaw, myen-gala(Rohingya) ni, ganoi marai latsa daram, myit ra madun ai lam galaw lai wa masai. ABDF(All Burma Democratic Force) ni woi awn n-htawm, UNHCR(Malaysia) rung hpe, shan hte lu gying ai a hkaw a hkang jaw na matu hpyi shawn lai wa masai.

Minutes 20 daram a ten hta, shan hte hpai sa wa ai laika hpe Ningbaw marai langai mi kaw na, yawng hpe hti dan ngut ai hpang, UNHCR rung kaw na, Officer kaba langai mi pru wa n-na, shi hte' minutes masum daram tsun shaga ngut n-na, hpawng hpe hpung dim dat la manu ai.

Officer wa hku n-na, "Nanhte a lam hpe lahta de' matut tang madun ya na n-ngai. Lahta kaw na, mahtai lu wa ai hte' nanhte hpe bai shana ya na" nga dat ai hpe, na dat lu ai hku re.

N-dai myit ra madun ai lamang hta, malay balik ni marai shi jan, sa sin zawng taw ai hpe mu lu ai.

N-dai myen-gala(Rohingya) ni hpe, UNHCR kaw na a hkyak nau n-la ai lam gaw, n-dai ni gaw, nambat masum mungdan du tim, manghkang grai shapraw ja ai ni re majaw re lam chye lu ai. Rohingya ni hpe UNHCR kawn tsin yam masat lekmat gaw htuk jaw nga ai rai tim, RST(Resettlement) madang(step) hta, jahkring da ya ai, case ni grai nga ai lam chye lu ai.

Photos By: KRC

KRC shiga shanan March 2014 Kualalumpur